Day 602 Fist Pump Baby

Slept in today.  Really needed it.  Spoke to Em on Viber.  Feeling positive about returning to Perth later this year. Had lunch with Dan, to celebrate him submitting his latest revisions for his second book.  Had academic afternoon session before on call this evening and went over breast project Powerpoint presentation with Pavel.  Good to go.  Later in the afternoon received acceptance for the abstract for SBI/ACR at the end of April in Orlando, next to Disney World.  I was so excited I tweeted it and was retweeted by “Fist Pump Baby”.  Absurd internet things are a joy.  On call shift wasn’t too busy but was still falling asleep by the end of the shift; it’s Friday.  Skiing tomorrow.

The snow outside melted a bit today.  The roads are brown slush.  The bicycles behind the building are still buried in several centimetres of snow.  I miss cycling to work.  I tried last week but the wheels were flat, being below zero and gas taking up reduced volume with decreased temperature.


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