Day 603 T-Rex Arms & Rabbit Thumping

Had a great day skiing today.  North Toronto Ski Club chartered to Mt St Louis.  Bec, Dan and I were joined by a Dane, Kim, in a lesson by Ahmad.  We worked on balancing our weight on our downhill ski by tapping our uphill/inner ski like a rabbit thumping.  This progressed to actually lifting the ski off. We did this drill on green slopes (Gentle Ben, the one next to it) and I felt perfectly balanced.  It made a huge difference.  After eating our packed lunches (Bec & Al heated up soup on a camp stove again; Dan and I brought sandwich ingredients) we spent the afternoon (14:00-16:00) doing all the blacks on Mt St Louis and Moonstone.  They’re not very steep but I still found that I had much more control and balance because I wasn’t leaning up hill, terrified; I was leaning into my downhill ski and flying across the snow.  We played Sushi Go at the après.  It was a good day.  My legs don’t ache at all.  If I weren’t so tired from poor sleep on call last night (been waking up all week with restless legs) I’d consider going out. It’s Saturday night!


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