Day 609 Giants

I’ve got a lot to do today; I was on call last weekend and my academic day was on a Friday this week.  I worked on data collection (again) in between reporting cases all week, so I was ahead of my target for today and could reward myself with a much-needed sleep in.  When I took a year off Med School to do an Honours degree by benchwork I realised the PCR machines were more available in the evenings so I spent a whole week doing all my work at night.  I didn’t think to inform my supervisor and they’d thought I’d just gone on a self-approved holiday.  This morning I woke up at first at 05:51, with a headache.  Two glasses of wine at dinner last night and forgetting to drink water plus my body expecting my 05:45 – 06:15 am alarm time almost thwarted my attempt to achieve a sleep in.  400 mg ibuprofen and squeezing my eyes shut eventually got me back to sleep and I woke up a whole hour and a half later than usual.

Today I miss being at home, in Perth. The Perth International Arts Festival has begun, with what looks like an incredible street theatre performance by a French company walking giant humanoid puppets through the streets of the city.  In the opening story a young female human character walks for 4 hours across the city, drinking juice, before experiencing urinary incontinence.  The reactions I’ve seen so far on my Facebook feed from family and friends and people who I never thought left their homes range from excitement, immersive engagement (my mother went for half an hour and followed them around for four hours) to repeated shrill complaints about resource allocation wasted on the Arts (A$5 million dollars was spent on this!?  We could’ve bought housing/infrastructure…) and what saddens me is people too challenged by the performance and calling it “inappropriate” for children.  A giant humanoid puppet urinating in the street after walking around for hours is pretty tame for Hay Street; it’s the human condition. The streets are packed.  The public is engaged.




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