Day 610 Ski Day

We staggered out of bed.  Some days it’s hard to wake up.  We’d laid out our ski pants and jackets and our long wool socks, over our ski bags.  I remembered to eat something better for breakfast this week: porridge, not microwaved pre-cooked turkey breakfast sausages from Costco.  We didn’t catch the subway today; Julian drove.  Bec & Al caught a cab to the Merton St pickup.  At York Mills I stumbled into Second Cup, to buy coffees (and a green tea, for Daniel) completely forgetting I’d already made coffee in the Nespresso and had my vacuum cup in our bag of food for lunch (leftover chicken pie).  Serendipitously when the bus arrived and I’d bought Julian way too much coffee and remembered I’d already brought coffee, Doireann and Rob were thankful to have my coffee, and Alastair shared Julian’s.  It was that exciting a morning.

It snowed at Blue Mountain today.  At first I cringed, remembering the nauseating poor visibility last time I skied while it snowed, unable to tell where the ground ended and the white sky began.  Would it be bitingly cold?  I was groggy and didn’t feel at all like skiing.  We helped D & Rob get through hiring equipment.  I remembered my first day skiing last year, at Blue Mountain, completely lost.  Nobody told me that the ski lesson meeting point was on the opposite side of the building to where you exit the rental area.  Or how to put boots on.  Or that you shouldn’t buckle up the ankles until you’re outside, because then you can walk about easier.

We broke off into lesson groups.  Dan, Julian and I were taken by a character, an older instructor.  He asked who we were, or something that required an explanation of why we wanted to be grouped together.  I tried to explain, “He’s my husband,” pointing my pole at Dan, “He’s our neighbour,” pointing at Julian, “And Bec is also our neighbour but we work together…” I didn’t get to explain that Donna was Bec’s colleague from last year, but visiting for a week before the instructor interrupted, “Husband!?  Husband!?  I don’t need to know THAT! I’m just here to ski!”  I was confused; one of the instructors had asked who was who, and I was answering the question that was asked of me.  Dan and Julian both bristled.  I was too de-caffeinated and caught off to be immediately offended but the way he went on a bit was irksome.  Thankfully he tried to learn our names instead, which by the end of the lesson he’d remembered, though allocation was still lacking (I was Julian most of the day).  Importantly, for us, we’ve been chafing at the bit to advance to Step 5 in class levels, since the start of the season.  We were easily promoted by the end of the class.  I wasn’t feeling as elegant on the slopes as last week but I was still able to demonstrate perfect parallel and upper-lower body dissociation.

We came home via dinner in Markham.  Found some edible Hainan chicken rice.  $80 for five people to eat dinner.


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