Day 612 Family Day

Today was Family Day, a Canadian public holiday where almost nothing is open.  We slept in, having been out late last night at Above & Beyond.  Julian had planned to go tobogganing at noon, with anybody in our building who wanted to go.  I had woken up mid morning and made last-minute updates to my presentation for the breast multi-disciplinary meeting tomorrow at lunchtime.  Dan’s alarm sounded at 11:30.  He showered, dressed, ate something for breakfast and we went down to Julian’s apartment, then Bec & Alastair’s.  Pete & Royden stayed home; it was apparently feels like -37ºC outside.  We wore our ski clothes.  I even wore my helmet, face mask and goggles.  No traumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage for me!



We left late, as water began to seep through the bathroom ceiling in Bec & Alastair’s unit, necessitating an emergency inspection from the concierge.  It was so cold in the carpark.  Outside it’s extremely bright; the sun reflects off the white snow and ice.  We got to Riverdale Park, next to the Don Valley Parkway, and it was covered in ice.  Last time we were there it was covered in grass and we had eaten pastries and watched the sunset.  There were a few small family groups out, with small children whizzing down the hill.  We’d never been tobogganing before and screamed louder than the children.



We tried seated, lying, Superman, 2 and 3 person, and lying on top of each other.  In single person small toboggans you pick up speed and get airborne easily, which jars when you hit the ground.  Bec and Dan were the best at remaining rigid and picking up speed and ending up in the middle of the field.  I fell completely out on one run, and kept rolling down the hill, before I realised I was going to get bruised if I didn’t make a starfish and stop myself.  It only took 20 to 30 seconds to get to the bottom of the hill, the trudge back up the hill was quickly tiring. We had so much fun!



We had coffee at Rooster and warmed up.  My phone had turned itself off it was so cold.  The battery “dies”.  Julian, Dan and I ate Korean BBQ on Yonge St for a late lunch then Julian dropped me off at TGH on his way to Etobicoke to visit his parents.  I worked on my breast presentation for tomorrow for an hour (adding some relevant diagnostic images) before spending two hours on data collection for my prostate project.  Luis and Kirsteen were on call and were in good spirits.  I worked until Julian came back, picking me up on the way in exchange for a triple espresso from Starbucks.

It’s been a productive long weekend.


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