Day 621 Dan’s Birthday

I woke up early.  I sleep lightly when on call.  I crept about quietly, waiting until 7am before jumping onto Dan (well, more of a body-slam) to wish him a Happy Birthday.  I then went to work.  As we’d planned dinner after work and seeing Angela Lansbury perform tonight in Noël Coward’s Blithe Spirit I left for work wearing only my jacket, no backpack.  In retrospect not taking my usual apple/banana/lunch to scoff down at 10am when I usually need to eat was not a good idea; by 12:30 when the queue of sonographers waiting to review studies long after I should’ve been able to break for lunch showed no sign of abating… I was hangry.  One thing I never understand about hospital staffing is that nursing and clerical and technical staff all seem to manage to get rostered actual breaks where they actually leave the department or work area… yet doctors somehow are always expected to not have to eat.  Ever.



The afternoon was better, even though I felt ill from my Hero Signature Burger, with chocolate milk shake and fries.  Buying lunch when ravenous never turns out healthy. Shlomit even shouted me a coffee.

Dan met me after work in the hospital foyer and we walked down to Momofuku for dinner.  We were so early for the play we walked back up to Dundas and around the AGO; it’s free entry on Wednesdays.  The play was good, but I am exhausted.  I realised that you can’t pinch-magnify a theatrical stage like an iPad at the last minute before I reached out, sleepily, to magnify the actors down on the stage (we were in the dress circle).  Seeing Angela Lansbury in person perform a similar character to Bedknobs and Broomsticks, which we watched again recently on a night in on the couch, was most entertaining.  We battled slow-moving audience members (I think we were the only people under age 50) out the doors and down the street to catch the subway home.




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