Road Trip: Nevada to Utah to Arizona

Driving took longer than Google Maps indicated.  Mostly because signage does not match but also Dan’s GPS app was giving us directions from it’s own imaginary position that sometimes coincided with where our vehicle was, but often 20 minutes ahead or an hour behind on our path.  After Hoover Dam we didn’t hug Lake Mead going North, as I’d hoped.  We drove back into Vegas on the main road and then up towards Arizona/Utah border.  We didn’t stop at the Red Cliffs in Utah because we could see, red cliffs from the road, and we wanted to stop at Zion Canyon instead.  By the time we had driven up to Zion Canyon from Vegas (eating lunch in the car on the way) the sun was already starting to set over the edge of the canyon so we gave up getting to Page by sunset (to see it set over Horseshoe canyon) and stayed in Zion.  It was amazing!  I drove from Zion to Page, in the rain and dark.



We both needed coffee. Dan doesn’t even drink coffee, just rare occasion that an espresso serves a purpose.  He’d been driving all day.  Unexpectedly I saw a café, not just a petrol station with brown dishwater and “Coffee Mate” white powder.  It was closed.  But across the road there was an open café, Oscar’s.  The friendly woman behind a bench top, wiping down the laminated menus, greeted us with a smile and asked what she could do for us.  Coffee!  Service staff rarely get me talking but she seemed genuinely friendly and interested so we offered the information that we were on our way to Page.  “Don’t go! Stay here!” she commanded us, “I know a guy, you can go rappelling!”  It was tempting.  Had I been able to look into the future to see that it would rain and Antelope Canyon would be closed for us maybe we could’ve stayed the night.  But we didn’t.  I stirred sweetener into my latté and Dan skulled an espresso.  I wondered if we’d ever make it back; Australia is a long way away and we’d have to see Bryce Canyon first if we ever returned to Utah.  I failed at kicking the sticky red mud off my boots as I got into the Camaro.  I hope the rental doesn’t charge too much for cleaning.

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