Day 631 The Curling

Saturday we watched Cam & The Holograms curl in the Canadian Gay Curling Championship Riverdale Bonspiel. We started the morning with a coffee with Baileys (very generous of the club owner to supply Baileys as well as coffee) while Cam quick explained the sheet, button, rocks/stones and a scoring system that I half remembered.  Thankfully the mother of one of the players from Halifax sitting next to us, knitting, kindly interrupted every time we loudly wondered what on Earth was going on, or whether it was something to cheer or groan at.  Dave & Ant brought Josh, who was still a little grizzly from some infancy milestone (he has 6 teeth already) but was very happy to shake Hudson, his teddy bear from Hudson Bay.  At lunch The Clarks went home and Julian, Nat, Dan and I ate at a pub next door.  I tried a duck confit poutine and it was OK.  I’d rather fat chips.  Canada doesn’t do fat cut chips.  Saturday afternoon and evening Dan and I finished the entire Season 3 of House of Cards, which we’d started the night before.  We were meant to go out but went to bed instead.  We’re old.

All I could remember was Attenborough’s commentary:

And cats:


Cam’s going to teach us next Monday after work so I hope I remember all the rules.


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