Day 639 No Plans

We’ve been so busy lately, and have so much booked in our last four months in Canada that I’ve been hanging out for the few days when I have nothing planned.  It’s tough; we have so few spare weekend days left it’s tempting to say, “Yes,” to every invitation that doesn’t clash with something already pencilled in but I just needed to be able to sleep in this morning, wake up, yawn, and fall back asleep. Which we did.  Then, because I didn’t have anything planned and didn’t have to do any chores I spent the day tidying the apartment, washing everything, clearing emails and Things To Do.  It was an incredibly addictive pursuit.  I even did things that I’ve procrastinated from doing like sorting out the freezer and washing all our ski gear.  Even if it snows again soon today it definitely felt like spring was in the air; we even opened the balcony door.  I wiped the dust off the coffee table, only to see it reaccumulate an hour later.  Downtown Toronto city breeze is dusty.  Dan’s gone out to the cinema with Julian and I’ve just found Miss Marple is on the TV.  My night’s all set.

It took me several hundred days but I’ve finally figured out why all the teabags in Canada aren’t just the flavour, but The flavour (e.g. The Earl Grey Tea): it’s not a marketing gimmick; it’s French for tea!

It's not actually "The Earl Grey Tea".
It’s not actually “The Earl Grey Tea”.



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