Day 639 Fix It Fix It Fix It

Work was good.  I had swapped half my academic day with the new fellow for Friday morning (so I can work on the ESGAR poster with Ur) and was in US this morning.  As is always the case the most complex case was scanned 10 levels up, just before I had to leave, and I had to dash upstairs to review in person.  I had lunch late.  My afternoon was productive though.  This evening working on paperwork (2014 Canadian tax return, providing our accountant with a million things) in between internet distractions:

Beautiful projection onto dance works:

Pixel – extraits from Adrien M / Claire B on Vimeo.

Le mouvement de l’air from Adrien M / Claire B on Vimeo.

Depressing Australian politics:

“I’m a fixer.”  Just makes me think of Philip Glass’ Score to Lucinda Child’s Dance (about 50 min in): Fix it Fix it Fix it…


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