Day 644 All By Myself

Work was a mad rush to finish things off before my week away; we fly to San Francisco tonight on our way to San Diego on Monday for a conference next week.  I met Ur at 08:30, to work on the poster presentation for ESGAR.  I had lunch with Jenn, the ramen place on the corner of Baldwyn St has closed own so we had yum cha instead.  I was in US in the afternoon but managed to clear emails and finish updating the data for re-analysis for last year’s Abdo project.
Dan met me in the hospital foyer just after 5 pm and we caught the subway and Airport Rocket express bus to the airport.  We got through U.S. Customs and security with an hour and a half to spare before boarding.  We had time to eat.  I wasn’t looking forward to our 6-hour flight direct from Toronto to San Francisco.  We were due to land at 2 or 3 am Toronto time and I was already falling asleep.
When we got to our seats we noticed the five rows behind us were still empty.  The flight wasn’t going to be full.  As soon as the cabin doors closed Dan bolted to claim the row in front.  Almost every person on the flight has a row of 3 seats each.  Glorious!  I had to stop myself singing loudly the soundtrack to Bridget Jones’ Diary.

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