Day 647 Castro & Chicken


Squat & Gobble, San Francisco.
Squat & Gobble, San Francisco.

Squat & Gobble

We slept in this morning, 09:00 which is equivalent to noon in Toronto!

Ate a quick breakfast at Squat and Gobble, after checking out of the hostel and catching an F tram down to the Castro.

Castro, San Francisco.
Castro, San Francisco.


We couldn’t visit San Francisco without a pilgrimage to Castro Street; as Islamic State extremists are pushing tied up other human beings off rooftops in the Middle East, just for being gay, I’m enjoying the freedom to traipse about North America with my husband on a Full Blown Weekend Mini Break before heading to a conference for work this week.  We didn’t just stop and eat breakfast, then walk all over the plaques in the pavement.  We stopped and whispered, “Thanks.” I bought a T-Shirt from the Human Rights Campaign store, the servers delighted to have an Australian customer, not so delighted we hadn’t brought Kylie Minogue in our carry-ons.



Limon Rotisserie

KK recommended the marinated chicken at Limon Rotisserie.  We walked all along 21st Street which had a lot of hills.  Having recently ate breakfast we could only manage a half chicken.  It was tasty.  We rolled down the road to the BART station to catch the train to the airport.





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