Where Did The Week Go?

It’s been a busy week:

Day 650

San Diego.  Conference.  Picked up a few things.  We went to the zoo in the afternoon.  We got slightly sunburnt, sunshine!  Dan got sleepy.

Dan got sleepy.
Dan got sleepy.

Meanwhile, sometime during the week Indiana legislated a Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Which makes me appreciate satirical posts like this.

Day 651

Flew back to Toronto. Froze.  Spring hasn’t apparently begun.

Day 652

Julian’s New Year’s party.  Met a few new people.  Stayed up late enough to go out to Fly.  Had a good night.

Day 653

Slept in.  Worked on presentation for SBI conference and ESGAR poster.  Watched Suits on Netflix.

Day 654

On call.  It was busy. Started cycling back to work.  There is still ice on some footpaths.  I still have to wear gloves & earmuffs and pull a jacket hood over my head from the cold, though I’ve swapped back out of a down jacket to a lighter one.  It’s almost spring.


Day 655

Last day in TGH US.  Went to see Second Best Marigold Hotel with Dan and Julian. Enjoyed it.

Day 666

Back in TGH CT.  For the first time ever it wasn’t too busy and we got to tidy up a few things.

Had dinner with Pete & Royden a couple of blocks down the road at a small place called Wish, where the food was surprisingly delicious and neatly plated though our waiter was brusque.  We have hardly seen Pete & Royden lately, so it was good to catch up.  As I’d downloaded Candy Crush last week (I finally gave in last week while in San Diego) Pete & I got excited to compare strategies.


Pete & Royden - still alive.
Pete & Royden – still alive.

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