Day 657 End of Another Week

I’ve realised that we have 12 weeks left in Canada.  And we’ve got several trips booked/planned in that time, so not even 12 weeks.  Part of me is incredibly excited to go home (I can’t wait to buy some Swan Valley Basil Cashew dip and seaweed rice crackers and cheddar cheese that isn’t coloured orange) but part of me never wants to leave.  I tidied up a lot of little things on my Academic Day list of Things To Do, including emailing off my Powerpoint for the April conference.  Now I can relax and just spend the next week mostly on call at work.  It’s been a heat wave tonight, above 10ºC!

Dave had been cooking all day.
Dave had been cooking all day.

We finally caught up with Dave & Antony tonight, well Dave as Antony got stuck at work again.  We saw Josh, who has several teeth now, having a bath and generally being amiable before he went to bed.  We ate at a nearby restaurant, Skin + Bones, which was surprisingly good.  Our waiter was the best server we’ve had all year: welcoming, helpful and attentive.  Beats the unwelcoming, surly and absent waiters we had last night.  I’m glad Dan told him how impressed we were.  I really liked their pork meatballs on polenta and the caramel sauce on the sticky date pudding with marscapone was not too sweet – something unusual for North America.  Antony got home after we’d finished dinner so we hung out and played cards.  I had no idea what I was doing and annoyed everybody by winning.


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