Day 659 Easter Saturday

Today I was on call, on site at TGH.  Before work I treated myself to Vegemite on hot buttered toast for breakfast, along with a perfectly fried egg (crispy, no wobbly bits) and some crispy bacon, washed down with some orange juice.  Meanwhile Dan seemed to tidy the entire apartment, putting all the clothes away and even putting the duvet cover back on, from the inside.  I just shove my arm in to reach the corners, as if I were a vet performing an internal examination of an elephant.  Daniel preferred to simulate a ghost, even backing up into the glass sliding door while flailing about.

A perfectly fried egg: nothing wobbles.
A perfectly fried egg: nothing wobbles.

Thankfully today’s caseload wasn’t as complex as yesterday’s.   Despite a similar number of studies there was an increased proportion of relatively more simple cases which meant a pleasant, though long, day/evening for me.  I caught up on data entry in the evening.  When Kirsteen, the night resident came on, she gave me another small bag of tiny Easter eggs (she comes to night shift well stocked up).  I ate the entire bag.  It was small.

Daniel the sheet ghost.
Daniel the sheet ghost.

I left the hospital via the front foyer to see it snowing.  Snowing!  It’s April!  It’s spring!  Thankfully it’s melting on the ground so I still cycled home, my backpack a spotted dirt brown mess from the splashing up muddy ground.

Somebody posted on Facebook today:  50 days until Eurovision.  There’s something to look forward to!  I can’t wait.



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