Day 663 On Call

Penultimate night on call.  Although I’m only doing  6 of 7 days (having had Monday off due to a shift swap) and as a fellow I’m only second on call over night (and don’t get called) I’m running on empty.  I’ve been sleeping in because I can’t get to sleep until 1 or 2 am, then I stagger to work at noon and spend the next 10 hours in a delirium.  All cases now look the same.  Another appendicitis.  Another post op Whipple’s with vascular reconstructions.  Another 4-phase CT liver with 6 prior RFA zones and 5 indeterminate arterial hyper vascular lesions without washout or hypo vascular liver lesions on the delayed phase without corresponding arterial hypervascularity.  This Saturday morning we have nothing yet planned and I need to keep it that way.  I don’t know how the residents manage their on call rosters, while studying for exams.  I suppose all jobs have similarities: I’ve been juggling several research projects and conference posters while squeezing in travel every few months, on top of working full time.  New parents barely sleep all night feeding and comforting a new life.  Work feels Sisyphean this week.  I get home feeling empty, all my neurotransmitters drained.  I don’t have the energy to see or talk to anybody, except Daniel.  Two more days until the weekend.

On the plus side we had a lot of laughs in the reporting room this afternoon.  Kirsteen made fun of my Aussie accent, because I made fun of her Scottish accented attempt at a Kiwi accent.  I found out that my Harvard-trained Fellowship Supervisor is able to longitudinally rotate his tongue while poking it out of his mouth.  We had been talking about genetics.  I’ll miss my colleagues here.

You know you're part of the team when somebody makes you a magnet.
You know you’re part of the team when somebody makes you a magnet.

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