Day 668 Tim Tam Slam

I have Tim Tams! I only have five four left.  On Thursday night while on call Tanya told me that she knew where to buy Tim Tams.  I must have wet my pants with excitement because she messaged me last night:

Happy Sunday! Bought you some Tim tams where are you working tomorrow?
I have Tim Tams.
I have Tim Tams.

This is how I tried to explain to Thursday night’s Canadian resident’s perplexed and slightly horrified face what a Tim Tam was:

It’s a chocolate-coated BISCUIT! (No wait, a biscuit is a scone in Canada, it’s a COOKIE!)

And it has alternating wafer and cream filling…

And you bite the ends off and put it in your coffee and suck up your coffee through the middle and just as it disintegrates you shove the whole thing into your face and eat it!

He was not impressed.

This afternoon I raced across University Ave, from TGH to PMH (where Tanya was reporting in MR), narrowly missing five orange and green taxi cabs that were ignoring all lane markings, direction of traffic and laws of physics.  I excitedly received the package (TWO PACKETS!) and raced back to TGH CT, where I was obliged to share the spoils with the residents and staff in the body reporting area.  We had no coffee so they ate them, dry.  I waited until I got home.

I messaged Bec & Al to share the Tim Tams but as they failed to reply immediately I felt it my duty, as an Australian, to finish the packets myself because otherwise they might go stale.  Bec has responded: I hope you get sick.

It was warm enough today not to wear ear muffs and gloves cycling to work.  It rained in the afternoon, so I caught the subway home.  Dan tried something new when cooking dinner (I don’t know what is wrong with all my favourite things).  The sunset was beautiful.  Plus, there’s still four three Tim Tams left in the packet.  And a whole other packet I’ve hidden under my hidden packet of wafers.

Sunset, Toronto.
Sunset, Toronto.

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