Day 669 Blue Jays

Busy but productive day at work.  Plants have sprouted in the median strip on University Ave.  After work we met Julian and Scott at the Rogers Centre to watch the Toronto Blue Jays.  We sat in the 500s, it was very high.  I ate soft serve ice cream out of a souvenir blue plastic baseball cap.

The game was very confusing as the team branding was blue but their on field uniforms were white with blue trim.  The opposition team was dressed in blue but their uniforms on the television screens were white.  I kept cheering for the wrong team, especially as they had a hot batsman.  He was caught out.

The row behind us at first sat a gaggle of very loud French speaking girls, one who whacked me in the head when picking up her handbag full of rocks, without apology.  They were replaced by some guys that were arguing about the Targaryen family tree.

I bought pins at the souvenir store, almost bought a souvenir baseball bat but I didn’t like the colour.


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