Day 674 Baking & A Birthday Party

I was convinced all day that I was running a fever.  We left the building without jackets or gloves or earmuffs.  I prickled with sweat as I pushed the trolley around Costco, getting nibbles and groceries (we’re having a few people over tonight).  As I vacuumed and mopped the floor I wondered if I was coming down with a flu, as sweat beaded my forehead.  We had an afternoon nap.  I think I’ve forgot what it feels like to live in above zero temperatures!  It was 21ºC in Toronto today!  Maybe it is a flu.

I’ve tried to bake these, though just like the first pancake of a batch they are a bit wobbly and the apples were too small:


In the evening we had a few neighbours, friends and colleagues over as it’s my birthday next week.  I was worried I’d invited too many people but thankfully with a usual percentage of last-minute cancellations and flow of guests in and out of our apartment we managed to not over-fill our 1 bedroom apartment.  It was a beautiful warm spring evening, with a spectacular sunset, clear view out onto Lake Ontario and a cool breezy evening.  As with most attempts at parties I spent so much time greeting the next guest and worrying about whether there was enough food and drinks out that I didn’t end up feeling like I’d managed to talk to anybody.  At least Pete, Cam & I figured out how to play Archer The Danger Zone! board game.

Bec baked a delicious chocolate mousse on a biscuit base cake, which we cut at about 22:00.  I’d had a few drinks so merrily joined in singing Happy Birthday, to myself (complete with pointing at me, since it was my birthday).  After blowing out the candle I realised I was the centre of unwanted attention and was expected to say something pleasant, which I should have anticipated and planned for (I’ve had a whole year since I was last in the same awkward position!).  I failed.  Instead I blurted out, “Thank you all for coming, now let’s eat CAKE!” before inwardly bursting into tears and wishing I could turn invisible. I’d already had two people ask earlier, “Are you sunburnt?” and I could feel my face turning a deeper shade of tomato.

By midnight everybody had left and I was rehydrating and tidying up. Dan got a second wind and went out to Fly, I went to bed. I forgot to alert guests not to bring presents so now we have a lot of bottles of wine to drink in the next 11 weeks, plus a whole box of packets of Tim Tams, as well as a few other gifts that quickly filled my desk.  It was good to have our place animated with the noise of conversation and laughter. Cleaning up wasn’t too arduous.

We’ve started planning a farewell party, and have booked the party room downstairs.  It’s only been 2 years but we’ve met a lot of people.  I’m not going to be able to say goodbye.


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