Day 675 Academic Day, Rain & Aussies

This morning I ran.  I turn 36 this Wednesday and, as a grim reminder, my body has mercilessly protested at my 3.0 km run on a treadmill yesterday, without having stretched or cooled down before or afterwards.  My back and lower limb muscles are all tight and I cracked almost all moveable vertebral joints getting out of bed. I thought of that MRI study that’s all over Facebook, revealing imaging of joint spaces while cracking knuckles. I felt the best solution, to start an academic day full of multiplying Things To Do tasks (it’s like somebody set off a room of mouse traps in my To Do List; each completed task is reward by three more) was to take the lift downstairs (I’m not walking down 38 flights on a Monday morning) and run 3.0 km.  I had no energy to sprint at 12.6 km/hr or even the 11.3 km/hr but I surprisingly had stamina to maintain the ~9 km/hr for 8 minutes.  Unfortunately that didn’t last beyond the 15 minute mark and the last km of my measly effort took as long as the first 2 km.  I’m never going to run a marathon and I’m OK with that.

I worked on my laptop in the morning editing manuscripts and took a break to prepare lunch (steamed tilapia fish fillets, rice and stir-fried pak choy). I did one of last week’s Aunt Minnie Case of The Day, while clearing my emails.  I misread the history: 37-year-old HIV-positive man with dyspnea as dyspepsia and spent the whole case wondering how it related to abdominal imaging and when they were going to reveal the aspiration pneumonitis.  I realised that I was answering the questions mostly from knowledge I got at age 16 or 17 when I read Conigrave’s, Holding the Man, where he described the patient’s perspective of a bronchoalveolar lavage and pleurodecis.  Reading that book inspired me to go to Medical School; I was disgusted at the discrimination Tim & John experienced in their healthcare.   I thought I could improve the system, from change within.  Was that naïve?

Aunt Minnie: 37-year-old HIV-positive man with dyspnea

I spent the afternoon preparing for the Gynae Onc rounds, which were moved to a basement room today, the computer PACS viewer frustratingly slow and impossible to rapidly bring up cases to keep up with the meeting.

There’s some international conference on and the Seows are in town; we caught up for dinner at Kenzo Ramen on Dundas.  It was good to chat to James and Sarah.  Can’t believe we’ll be back in Perth when we see them again.


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