Day 676 Machines & Tim Tams

When you work in hospitals it’s a compliment to call somebody else a machine.  It unsettles people though if, in response, you start talking like a machine (deadpan): Hello.  My name is Glen. I am a machine.  Whirr-click.   

Work was busy today (hence we plowed through reporting). I showed three Canadians how to do a Tim Tam Slam.  I cycled home. It had rained.  Dan cooked a yummy chicken, rice, broccoli and mushroom dinner and we watched Downton Abbey.

Glen's birthday present: Tim Tam's

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I then spent two hours filling out HR paperwork for our move back home, the same bloody forms I used to fill out every year, where I would write, “No change [in dates of my prior vaccinations and health history and tax file number]!”  All hospitals are the same and so far the bench was set by Canadian immigration and the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario, so I just yawned at the cut-and-paste email from home and happily cut-and-paste two-fold as many PDF documents to email back.  I used to watch my Aunt work in the post office and dream that one day I could grow up and stamp things as efficiently as she did.  Now I see paperwork and groan.

Even Graham Norton knows how to eat Tim Tams:


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