Day 677 Another Birthday

Today was my birthday.  People have been wishing me Happy Birthday all week as I prematurely posted a birthday cake photo 4 days ago.  I found five days of receiving birthday congratulations rather pleasant and plan to do the same next year.  Work wasn’t too busy today, steady but I got out on time.  I had to rush home as Dan had booked a Zip Car (a few blocks down the road we can just get into a parked car and drive off!) so we could drive up to Eglington and Don Valley Parkway (via 45 minutes of peak hour traffic, roadworks and a bunch of turkey-neck idiots that we screamed and swore at).  We arrived at the Aga Khan Museum frazzled, Dan worried we wouldn’t have time to see everything (really, we were done in under an hour) and me car sick and ataxic.

The Aga Khan museum had an excellent exhibition of some ceramic horde of artifacts > 1000 years old, recovered from a boat that had sunk somewhere in Indonesia.  The exhibition was from Singapore.  The interpretation was written simply, to the point.  I liked it.  I also liked the explanations of a British artist’s work in the gallery next door, who had accumulated a collection of Indian artworks.

We made several decisions on where to eat dinner; at first we had planned to find a Joey Eaton’s near the museum.  After having seen Islamic art I felt like some Iranian food, and we drove off toward Bathurst and College to go to Pomegranate.  Driving up Bathurst Dan recalled we were close to Buca, so as we were driven by hunger we parked, got a seat at the bar and ordered.  We shared a lobster/scallop sausage spaghetti (tasty), a halibut (cooked in some subtle way that makes it look raw but it’s not) on top of some creamy base dotted with nuts.  For sides we had a red potato with anchovies on top and some brussel sprouts with mini crisp bacon-like meat.  We even ate desserts, despite Dan’s protests: hazelnut gelato, rhubarb sorbet and a lemon cream filled donut sphere on top of some aerated creamy puddle.  I’d started with a Bellini and spent the entire meal pleasantly tipsy.  It was a good date night.

My two memorable birthday remarks were from my Korean colleagues: “You don’t look that old! “and, “Merry Christmas!”.


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