Day 681 Cheerleading Worlds

Neither of us slept very well Saturday night; Dan started vomiting at 02:40, and continued to intermittently get up and loudly vomit all night long.  I, being either deeply asleep or half-awake, completely missed the fact that he hadn’t closed the door because he was hoping for some sympathy, perhaps loving care/water/help while regurgitating Magic Kingdom Disney chicken something but was too proud or unwell to ask for it.  Each time I roused I successfully managed to roll over and yell, “Why is the light on!?” and then fall asleep again.  I had to be up for the continental conference breakfast at 07:00…

I didn’t make it.

Dan didn’t leave the hotel room at all on Sunday.  I worked from my laptop, reading conference session PDFs, and re-writing the manuscript for the project I’d presented on the day before, after having received valuable feedback of the question time.  In the afternoon Julian and Tanya took a break from Cheerleading Worlds to come pick me up and head back, for the afternoon session.

The crowd is excited for Cheer Athletics!

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These are things that Tanya & Julian said, which made absolutely no sense to me, but if you want to sound knowledgeable about cheerleading, just say with emphasis and you’ll get nods of assent:

  1. Their pyramid is really good.
  2. Nice Arabian one and a half.
  3. But are they Chinese Taipei?
  4. I hope they “hit it”.
  5. That wasn’t very clean.
  6. That’s how you do a wall!
  7. Or not.
  8. I don’t know if I liked that flying inversion.
  9. Their baskets are beautiful and their pyramids amazing.

Also, when you see the group jumping repeatedly before a backflip or in-air rotation, the whole crowd yells, “HIT! HIT! HIT! PULL!” and cheers excitedly.  I spent the rest of our trip randomly yelling, “HIT! HIT! HIT! PULL!” which makes Julian smile.


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