Day 676 Evening Stroll

I slept terribly but woke up after jogging 3 km on the treadmill downstairs (slower: 19 min 5 sec).  I slowly chipped away at my exponentially growing list of Academic Day Things To Do, something for each project: last year’s abdo project, last year’s breast project, this year’s abdo project, ESGAR writeup.  It was slightly stressful at the start; I’m not sure how all 4 projects will be tied up in the next 2 months. I also cleaned the toilet.  That was a highlight.  In the evening Dan made tacos for dinner and we watched Downton Abbey. I then got cabin fever and decided it was so nice outside (sunshine plus above 0ºC) we should go for a walk.  Queens Park was crawling with squirrels, each a slightly different colour (blacks/browns/greys).  I dropped in to TGH to check the images for Monday morning’s breast MRI biopsy and I said, “Hi,” to Dhivya. We walked home, hand-in-hand, up Church St and wistfully started saying goodbye; we fly home in 2 months and the end is rapidly approaching.  Dan rang his Grandmother this morning and she asked if we’d packed already.  I was very excited to combine two freckles in Soda Crush, my new World of Warcraft: last night I went to bed, fell asleep, woke up, couldn’t sleep and found myself playing Soda Crush until 2 am.


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