Day 677 A Sunny Spring Day

It’s Saturday. It’s sunny!  Finally, on the second day of May, we’ve forgot that the streets were blanketed in snow and that we’ve worn jackets and gloves and earmuffs for months.  I possibly own a pair of shorts.  I woke first, and quietly checked Facebook updates, Twitter, Instagram and wasted more time in futile attempts at Level 92 of Candy Crush Saga.  Dan eventually woke and started exclaiming how sunny it was, and what were we going to do today?  That’s right, we had no plans, all day.

The Treadmill

I went to the gym. I ran 3 km in 17 min 19 sec, which was a surprise.  I felt tired and started at 9.6 km/hr (a preset speed selection) and expected I’d keep that up for 5 minutes at most but I ran 1.5 km at that pace before pushing up to the 11.3 and 12.9 presets until 3 km. Music helped; I had Robin Skouteris remixes in my headphones.  I’ve left it too late but remembered this week that I need to make sure I go home to Perth not fatter than when I left; everybody goes away to live overseas and comes home fat.  I had intended to come home with abs.  That won’t happen.  I’ve somehow fallen out of my before-work-weights routine that I had down pat this time last year.  I did some triceps weights before heading back upstairs for a cup of tea.


I suggested to Dan that we walk the shopping trolley down Church St (Take me to Church… Street… Loblaws….) and get groceries from Loblaws.  We’re catching up with Ur & Is tonight, along with a few of our neighbours.  Dan’s going to make a salad.  I was a little hypoglycemic wandering the aisles and easily distracted by too many choices of food I could potentially eat for lunch.  At first I planned baked beans on toast.  Then sliced tomatoes with salt & pepper on hot buttered toast.  By the time we got to the registers I told Dan I wanted chicken pie for lunch but he refused to make it or tell me what the ingredients were (so I could make it): it’s special treat food because it has cream.  Cream!  What else does it have that I shouldn’t be eating? He totally fell for my trick to get a history out of a difficult historian: ask the question a different way. I ran off to find cream.

At the register we had a short Asian woman swipe our groceries across the barcode.  I had unpacked the meat from the trolley first; it goes in its own bag, and can be placed at the bottom of the trolley.  Dan took over unpacking, but did not share my organisation.  As I packed the items at the other end and started stacking bags into the trolley he yelled, “Don’t put them in there yet! There’s the WATERMELON! IT WILL CRUSH [the coriander]!”  I talked back, “Well YOU should’ve put the watermelon at the front then [along with all the other things to go at the bottom]!”  Our checkout woman burst out laughing, then excitedly disclosed how much she would love to yell at some rude customers that tell her how to pack or demand she lean over and pick up a heavy item to scan ahead of others.  She stopped scanning and started waving her arms in excitement, telling us about it all.  I had no idea what she was talking about but confirmed that she agreed that I was right.  As we resumed our individual roles I lifted the top bag out and put the watermelon in underneath.

Bec & Al.
Bec & Al.

Bec & Al’s

As we walked back into the courtyard on the West side of our building we heard an Aussie accent yelling faintly in the breeze.  Bec & Al were leaning over their balcony and waving.  We dropped by their place on the way up to ours, to pick up our curtains (we had a tension rod and blackout curtains we’d bought for the unit downstairs but they didn’t fit in our current unit and have been languishing under our bed, Al had hoped they’d fit their bedroom window but they don’t).  We chatted.  I tried not to feel sad, thinking that in 9 weeks we’ll be waving goodbye, indefinitely.


I used Apple AirPlay to play The Divine Bette Midler from my laptop, an oldie but a goodie to sing along to while cooking a pie.  For the second time this week I’ve discovered that I’ve been singing lyrics woefully wrong all my life (the first was at Universal Studios where I found that Michael Jackson wasn’t singing Eddie are you OK?):

Spring is heeeeeeere and the skyyyyyyyyy is strawberry bluuuuuuuue….

Dan yelled out, “SO VERY! So VERY blue! Geez! Since when are strawberries blue!?” I didn’t write the words.






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