Day 678 Super Social

We were uncharacteristically sociable this weekend.  This afternoon we entertained Josh; it was his 1st birthday party.  Having not yet reached the toddler age of claiming ownership of everything he didn’t bat an eyelid when I crawled into his new playpen full of plastic balls to share the experience, instead offering me one of his saliva-dripping plastic red balls.  I politely declined.  Dave had made the most touching film montage of his son’s first year, ending with the group of us in the park down the street singing happy birthday, taken moments before.  We’ll probably miss Josh’s 2nd birthday, as Antony is moving to Sick Kids for his second fellowship.  Who knows where we’ll all be for Josh’s 3rd?


In the evening we sat in Cam & Vince’s back garden (spring!) and ate a barbecue dinner, before retiring inside to play Sushi Go! and Yard Master Express. We had a dessert break half way through to walk down to Serrano Bakery and buy dessert.  It’s so cheap, it’s difficult not to eat two things.  Cam & I failed at reserve and had two each; Dan just had gelato and Vince just had one pastry.  I was super excited to try their Japanese imported toilet seat.  I got confused though as the button to turn on the water spray did not also turn it off; I couldn’t stop the spray of water and equally couldn’t stand up or else the bathroom would get washed too.


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