Day 692 More Meat

I’m exhausted.  Dan woke up at some pre-dawn hour today, finally the day had come he’d been looking forward to all year since he saw some YouTube video of thousands of snakes emerging from hibernation in Manitoba to writhe about mating.  I had declined spending my holiday time flying to Winnipeg then driving 2 hours towards a pit of snakes.  I rolled over and fell back asleep.  He kissed me goodbye and I mumbled something encouraging.  I had academic today and my list of things to do keeps getting bigger, not smaller.  I brought it back down to 10 things.  Each project had a few more tasks completed.

We gave the SHARED meat platter a second attempt.
We gave the SHARED meat platter a second attempt.

I had booked a massage in the afternoon, which I’d really needed earlier in the week but didn’t think I’d needed today.  My mid and upper thoracic spine were tight though, and I couldn’t get enough elbow.  I was falling asleep by rounds and stumbled home, in the gorgeous spring evening sunshine, as there were no bikes on the racks.  Julian messaged, “You eaten yet?”.  I hadn’t.  So I called Carbon Bar and we walked down and had a second attempt at eating the Pit Meat Platter. We couldn’t finish it, again, so we left with a bag of leftover meat.  A homeless man asked us for change right out the door so I gave him our leftovers.  He still wanted change.

Dan’s flight lands at 23:20 and I had planned to catch the subway and shuttle bus out to surprise him but you can’t wait at the gates like in Perth and I don’t want him to land early, rush out, get a cab and completely miss me in a corner, falling asleep.  I’m already falling asleep.  I’m regretting our decision to book a flight to New York tomorrow straight after work.  Hopefully tomorrow won’t be too busy at work (ha! Unlikely for a Friday!).


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