Day 696 Another Manic Monday

Dan baked broccoli and Brussels sprouts (drizzled in olive oil and sliced garlic, probably inspired by the tapas we ate last night at Barraca) for dinner, with chicken. It was delicious.  I was glad to have dinner in the oven when I got home, at 6.  It had been a busy day at work and I’d stayed late to review cases for tomorrow’s MDM after verifying my reports.  I’d been supported during the day by coffee (Pavel went to Starbucks at lunch) and a chocolate that mysteriously appeared at one of my workstations, which I scoffed before anybody could claim it.  Unguarded food is anybody’s.  Eight weeks until our flights home.  I’d better start thinking of packing.  And buying a car, or else I won’t be able to get to work very easily on Fridays.  We caught up on Sunday’s episode of VEEP.  GoT or Downton Abbey next.


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