Day 689 Academic Day

I had academic day today.  I started off motivated, enough to get out of bed AND catch the elevator downstairs and run on the treadmill for 3.0 km (19 min exactly today).  I even lifted a few weights before cycling (it’s still chilly again, but I refuse to get my gloves out of the cupboard because it’s SPRING) to the hospital for a research project meeting.  I’d stayed back after work a few days this week to get ahead on my list of things to do today so I’d also be able to run some important errands, like getting a hair cut.  I’ve spent months waiting for my hair to grow long enough (on top) so I could try out the undercut that everybody in Toronto but me has (very short back and sides to a straight line, like a friar, but the top moderately long and styled) but the Vietnamese hair dresser on Church St that I tried to explain what I wanted to had other ideas.  I showed him photos of my various hair cuts over the past year (from the app Daylie) and he tutted and promised something better. “I’ll make you look YOUNGER!” he promised.  “I don’t want that!” I declared; almost every patient this week has turned her nose up at me because they think I’m too young to be performing their breast biopsy/wire localisation and in one instance, asked for somebody more senior.  I considered asking for grey streaks or something.

I am not sure I like my new hair cut; it looks like somebody has thrown a mangled wig onto my frontal bone, after having shaved my skull bald.  Dan says it’s OK so perhaps it will grow on me…



I worked on two write ups today, slowly losing enthusiasm and the will to live; editing the manuscript for last year’s breast project (again) and the draft manuscript for a pictorial review with Ur.  I’ve now got a headache again.  I still need to pack; I need to go straight from work tomorrow to the airport for my final week of leave.  Hopefully my headache goes away before we get to the cinema tonight; Pitch Perfect 2 opens tonight and we’ve booked tickets.



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