Day 696 The Nap

I’ve finally had a nap.  This week of consecutive lunch and dinner dates has thoroughly exhausted me and when we arrived back in Putney to Jackie’s house I quietly excused myself from the watchful attention of Jackie’s extremely fast moving almost toddler but not yet walking granddaughter while Jackie was on the phone and Daniel doting. I went upstairs and passed out in the guest bed.  For two hours.

In the morning we’d walked over to Sheila’s and Dan showed her our wedding photos, thankfully not all of them.  We had a good chat too.  We walked with Sheila to her studio. We didn’t say, “Goodbye,” just, “Until next time.”


The sun was shining so Mary & Eric walked us down to their allotments.  They now have more than one.  It’s still early spring so a few onions and young potatoes were still growing, a patch of still-green strawberries.  We walked home and ate lunch (cheese toasties, pumpkin soup and rhubarb crumble – two helpings) before Eric drove us to the C2C station and we waved goodbye, again.  Eric & Mary stood on something in the carpark to see over the train line fence to wave us off as the train pulled in and away.  It’s always good to see them and I return home with new gardening ideas.

Jackie was home tonight so we walked down the road to The Hare & The Tortoise for dinner.  Her daughter, Laura, joined us.  The food was tasty and I, of course, at noodles.

Dan, Jackie & Laura
Dan, Jackie & Laura

I’d started coughing this afternoon.  My sniffle from the past few days, which I’d put down to cat allergy from Oscar, at Mary’s, may just be head cold after all.  Now I’ve got an irritating post nasal drip.  It had better clear up before tomorrow’s flight to Austria, else I get quarantined.



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