Day 697 Ben & Dion

We spent 8 hours travelling: Jackie dropped us off at East Putney station, we caught trains to Paddington and the Heathrow Express to the airport.  We flew Lufthansa, first to Frankfurt, then onward to Vienna, each flight just over an hour.  My sniffle developed into a runny nose and cough and I was miserable. I finished reading Bec’s book, set in Western Australia and now taken from Toronto to London, Stonehenge, Frankfurt and Vienna.  My bookmark is an unused sick bag.

Dan’s second book is finally released. Bonds of Blood: Book 2

We arrived at our air bnb apartment to find it is HUGE!  The owner, who lives next door asked why we were visiting Vienna for just two days and when we explained, in all seriousness, “Eurovision!” she laughed a full belly laugh, and kept laughing.  It’s not that exciting an event here, apparently.  “You came all the way here, just for Eurovision!?”.

We showered and settled in and failed to have a quick nap before walking into the town centre to meet Ben & Dion.  We ate dinner in a very warm tiny restaurant near their hotel before flaking out in their hotel room, searching online for places to go out on a Friday but really falling sleepier.  Dan & I caught a cab home and were asleep by midnight.




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