Day 698 Eurovision! #ESC2015

Slept in.  Still sick.  Hacked up yellow phlegm.  Instead of walking around Vienna, as it’s miserable and raining, we walked around the corner to the Sparr and bought groceries: Dan cooked omelette for breakfast (also chocolate croissants, cups of tea and some wieners).  I cooked chicken and vegetable soup for lunch.  Ben & Dion joined us at about noon and we just spent the day relaxing in our Vienna apartment.  I had a nap while Ben ran back to their hotel to get their Aussie flags on sticks.

Awesome experience but seven hours of standing… not keen on repeating that when we could be at home on a couch with easy access to a visible stage, a toilet and food.  We did eat two schnitzels in brot.  Serbia was my favourite.  Sweden’s performance was good, too.  3 hours left to sleep until we get up to fly back to Toronto.  Squeezed the most out of this weekend, for sure!


One thought on “Day 698 Eurovision! #ESC2015

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  1. I must say that I liked the company that provided the temporary toilet facilities: Wenn man muss (“When you have to”), followed by the fairly unmisunderstandable “Pissoir” . . .

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