Day 710 Time To Move On

I woke up at 2 am; my body having adjusted to European timezones. Thankfully I managed to fall back asleep and wake up, conscious enough for work.  I struggled through the day and contemplated going home to sleep, instead of the End of Fellowship Abdominal Divisional dinner.   Work dinners are always exhausting; at least an hour of polite conversation over drinks, when I could be relaxing on the couch all by myself, guaranteed teeth-grinding listening to the personality types that don’t care to listen to others and just barrel on talking or even singing about whatever is present in their minds, regardless of reception, spared only by brief joyous conversations with a few people that show a genuine interest in hearing somebody else talk, before rushing to sit with people you wouldn’t mind spending the next few hours next to but somehow ending up again near the same person you had to entertain last dinner.  Overall the positives slightly outweighed the negatives (such as being very sleepy) and I was glad to have gone.  Our supervisor gave a poignant Powerpoint and I felt moderately sentimental.


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