Day 713 An Awesome Day

Burning Blood, Page 1
Burning Blood, Page 1

Despite again waking up alone, sweating (I dread our first Australian summer in three years this December) I had an awesome day:

1. I dragged my sorry arse downstairs to the gym and did some weights, for the first time since last year (I only took a few weeks off after New Year’s… that turned into months).

2. I bumped into Julian and Tanya on my way out of the gym.  Their Crossfit calluses are healing well.

3. I got to work early, to discover that all the MSH technologists were going to be in a meeting until 9:30. I had 90 minutes of uninterrupted breast MRI reading time.  I read all the MSH cases, and started on the TGH ones.

4. I was given a four-page (FOUR PAGES!) list of booked cases for the day, which had > 10 labelled as “CB” – which I intelligently inferred to mean “Core Biopsy”.  I steeled myself for a hectic day of consecutive biopsies, without a lunch break.  When the staff arrived he declared how easy the morning looked, as there were no biopsies.  CB = “Call Back”.  I only had one biopsy all day. How boring.

5. I ate my lunch at 10 am so left the building at lunchtime for a second lunch; I walked in sunshine West along Baldwyn St to a Japanese noodle place and ate a  bowl of pork noodles.  Dan had checked out some flooring places in Perth and taken photos.  I day dreamt of installing faux-jarrad flooring in our home in Western Australia and how less allergy-inducing it would be than carpet.

6. I actually had a great afternoon reading out my 10 MRIs, each with a few learning points.  I also had a few brief but stimulating academic discussions.

7. Rounds was interesting but esoteric (MRI of low rectal cancers from a UK super expert) and I was glad I had brought a coffee, and found half a pack of uneaten Tim Tams in my backpack.

8. I taught Dhivya how to do a Tim Tam slam and Shlomit and I laughed at her amazement.

9. I’ve got time to curl up on the couch and start reading Dan’s second published book, before tonight’s Inside Out Film Festival film at 21:45.


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  1. “I day dreamt of installing faux-jarrad flooring in our home in Western Australia and how less allergy-inducing it would be than carpet”: How does Jarrad feel about this?

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