Day 715 On Call

I woke at 05:30, frustrating because it’s the middle of a 12 consecutive days at work and I really wanted to sleep more than 5 hours.  It was 29 degrees Celsius in the apartment; the air conditioning had reverted to some power-saving mode where it decides to turn itself off after 2 hours.  I tried to relax; a week of evening shifts and overnight on call means mornings are enforced low activity.  Dan was visiting Kevin with Dion and wasn’t free to Skype so I went downstairs to the gym.  I did chest and returned sweaty.  I was about to hop in the shower when Dan called.  Dan, Dion and Kevin were like three cheeky monkeys, grinning, laughing at my expense, as usual.  Also at Ben’s, as he is back in Leeds.  I think we’ll enjoy all being home again at the end of the year.

Work was surprisingly quiet so I pre-read MRIs for Monday afternoon.  I left on time.

I cycled home.  It had rained all afternoon and was spitting, lightly.



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