Day 716 Slept In!

I slept in. Not just a little bit, like 8 or 9 am. I slept in until past when I was meant to be already at TGH, sitting at the Fellow’s reporting station and reporting. It was drizzling and overcast outside today. I rolled over and sleepily noticed it was day time already. Carefully, without alerting the rest of my brain it was daytime, I scrabbled for my cell phone to see what time it was.  12:09!  No time to bake chicken pie.

I called the hospital and thankfully Myles wasn’t too busy and said, “Take your time!”  I had to shower, dress, eat, make lunch and catch the train to work.  It was raining by then.  My teenage self would scowl in shame at my tardiness.  My adult self didn’t care; the world hadn’t stopped spinning and I was feeling… rested.

Work was steady today and I cycled home afterwards.  It was drizzling and bitingly cold.  So much for spring.  At least tonight I got to Skype Dan again.  I’m 30% through his second book and it’s awesome.  He was lackadaisical about writing the third, and last, book in his series, Bonds of Blood.  I’m not pleased about this at all.  How dare he write such gripping narratives only to spend a whole year writing the next book, leaving me WAITING!?


Skype brings people together.
Skype brings people together.

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