Day 718 High Brow

photo credit: CAASTRO/Loi et al. Plasma tubes in the Earth’s magnetosphere have been observed for the first time

Today was a long day.  I woke early, as my neighbour had requested a favour:

Can you come down to the gym around 6:45am tomorrow and take a picture of me and Tanya

I whinged, because I am an Aussie, but got up anyway.  He cancelled.  I was not impressed.  I could have slept another hour.

I had a research meeting at 08:30, which took a few hours out of my pre-on call morning.  I made it home in time to make an omelette for breakfast/lunch before cycling back to work for an afternoon in MSH US.

On call this evening was again weirdly quiet; it’s been quiet since Saturday.  It gave me time to protocol, so whoever is in MR tomorrow can get on with reporting cases.

Maybe it’s having spent all day and evening using my brain, first to discuss research application software reading breast MRI, then reporting for ten hours straight, but I nearly scrolled right past my cousin-in-law’s link to an article about a paper she’s a co-author on, some complicated astrophysics, as I was day-dreaming how I would finish the new frustrating level of Candy Crush? So much information at my fingertips and I’m probably going to watch that cat video song again. Today’s Facebook feed has been about Caitlyn Jenner, and people either using the wrong gendered pronouns or being very annoyed about other people using the wrong pronouns; turmoil in the Liberal National Party about Labor’s bill about same-sex marriage yesterday, but no cat videos.

Two more on call shifts left.


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