Day 736 PPPP

Yesterday we both independently realised that dwelling on feelings of sadness and grief this past few weeks at our imminent forever-goodbyes to our Canadian friends and Toronto life has made us both extraordinarily miserable and destroyed any chance at enjoyment of our last few weeks.  In summer! At Pride!

We have plenty of time to feel sad back home in Perth, except we probably will be too excited to be at home where a toilet is not called a washroom and a fortnight means two weeks, not a word to elicit confusion in a Canadian.  I can not wait to talk to patients and not have them ask where in Britain I am from, or if I’m from New Zealand.

Consequently we decided before leaving the house last night that we’d just focus on enjoyment of the time we have left and then not say, “Goodbye!”  Just, “Until next time!” So last night at Ur & Is’s Pre Pride Pool Party we drank a few very strong drinks (I gave up trying to hide going beetroot red, or explaining to Canadians what a beetroot was), had a splash in the pool and focused our attention on our present company.  When we left instead of heavy hearts we just had headaches (Eyal’s cocktail refill didn’t have much fruit juice).



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