Day 719 Dan Returns

I was looking forward to my penultimate night “on call”; although it hadn’t been a busy week it’s been a long week and my tolerance for utter stupidity was wearing thin.  I woke up sideways; without Daniel to bump into I’d rotate clockwise when viewed from above and ended up with my head facing East and a terrible crick in my neck.  I prepared lunch, and put the frozen leftover chicken pie into the fridge; I’d promised Dan he could have my spare on call prepared dinner when he returned from his long haul flights back from Australia to Toronto.
I cycled to work.  Again an entire Westward lane on Bloor was blocked off for some gardening work.  Taxis that couldn’t be bothered to indicate or fully change lanes whisked past my rental bike, their slipstream dragging me over a little.  I kept pedalling.  Maybe I should’ve invested in a helmet.  Only 4 weeks until we fly home.  I’ve got one there.  The skies are blue and the promise of summer is in the air.  People are smiling.

It was a busy evening; 6 emergency cases appeared at MSH before 18:00.  Thankfully the rush wasn’t sustained and things wound down by 22:00.  I was weary cycling home at 22:05.  Dan jumped off the couch to greet me.   It’s only been 10 days since we’ve seen each other but it was an entire planet’s distance apart.


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