Day 720 TGI almost F

I raced out of TGH at 17:05; our flight to Copenhagen boards at 20:15 and I had to cycle home, shower, change & eat before dragging my faithful battered not-so-new-now carry-on into the subway where we jolted back-and-forth to Kipling then got on the bus to jolt back-and-forth to Toronto Pearson.  There was no queue at security so we’re already at our gate 90 minutes before our flight is scheduled to depart.  Plenty of time to think about all the things I never got around to doing.

2015-06-04 19.18.14-1

I haven’t even looked at the ESGAR conference program.  I’ve no idea where we’re staying or how to get to the conference venue.  I’ve got a handful of Euro coins but nothing else.  I think we’ve got enough money in our checking account to cover our VISA bill automatic direct debit tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure I verified all my reports before flying out of work.  Why do I feel I’ve forgot something?

Unless my roster in my final three weeks of fellowship changes today was my last day in TGH CT.  I’ll hold my breath before shouting, “Yippee!” I used to think a full day in CT at SCGH was gruelling; the non-stop telephone call interruptions and incoming requests for approval/protocols, interstitial contrast injections and the occasional in person request for a second opinion.  That was before I did a full month of nothing but abdominal CT at TGH in Dec 2013.  If I have to see one more 4-phase CT liver today I’ll scream.

2015-06-04 19.17.21-1



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