Day 721 Copenhagen, Paris, Marseille & Le Beausset

We spent the day travelling.  We forgot that when you look for the cheapest airfare, and add-in a layover in Copenhagen between Toronto and Paris that the price you pay is NO SLEEP ALL NIGHT and ENDLESS POINTLESS WAITING between transfers.  Also, our “that will be PLENTY of time” 2 hours between landing at Charles de Gaulle and needing to fly out of Orly was not.  The flight from Copenhagen was delayed almost an hour so we landed late.  Friday evening traffic around Paris between airports took about 90 minutes, even with our crazy French taxi driver making what was surely several illegal manoeuvres.  We arrived in Marseille to meet Dan’s uncle Leon, and his wife, Alice, beaming at us, only to take an hour stuck in Marseille’s traffic getting around the harbour before the onward drive towards their small house just past Toulon.

Day 1 of Full Blown Holiday Weekend Mini Break in the South of France = exhaustion.


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