723 The Church Is Always Greener

It’s Sunday today.  I thought it would be nice to walk down into town to check out the markets.  It wasn’t.  It was hot.  We sweated.  The markets were two rows of stalls of uninspired wares; Fridays are when the real markets are.  We bought bread, walked up to the church and realised it was Sunday.  We walked home.  The driveway is steep.  We jumped into the pool to cool down.  I had a second nap.

I’ve napped every few hours this weekend.  It’s been glorious. Breakfast. Nap.  Lunch. Nap.  Late afternoon pre-dinner nap.  I imagine I’m catching up on all the accrued sleep deficits throughout the year.

We gave Leon & Alice a copy of Sushi Go! and taught them the game this afternoon.  Alice won the first round, by a clear margin.  Leon liked to accumulate the most puddings. We played a few games (I won the second, Dan the third, Leon & his hoard of puddings none).  I then had another nap.


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