Day 724 To Paris

Almost at Paris.
Almost at Paris.

Monday morning we walked around Le Castellet with Leon & Alice, and ate lunch there.  Afterwards Leon dropped Alice off at her class and then drove us to Marseille for our flight to Paris.  It was a short flight.  The sun was shining.  It was much cooler in Paris, in the shade of the very tall buildings, than in Provence.

Instead of staying in a hotel, as we have a 6-day stay, we rented an apartment through Lyndall’s online business. It is a few blocks North of Rue de Rivoli and the Louvre, close to Pyramid station and close enough to Ligne 1, so I could catch the train to La Défense for the conference (at CNIT).

Paris' buildings are tall.
Paris’ buildings are tall.

We settled in then went to the Marais and had dinner with Ur, before walking around briefly then heading home to sleep.  Ur suggested a new weekly metro card, but we needed to print photo identification.  It was frustrating trying to purchase it as I stupidly walked up to the counter and kept reverting to English without thinking, which really pissed off the attendant.  She wanted to see my photo, which I had not yet got, but thankfully Dan jumped in to the rescue, “À la maison!” Begrudgingly she issued us both with cards and I managed to not pass through the turnstile so got stuck, repeated swipes giving a “de ja” error message.  I had to return to the attendant and wait for her to serve another customer before flailing my arms and pointing, pathetically at the turnstiles, unable to translate, “Hey! I swiped my card but couldn’t get through, can you help!?”

I was glad to go to bed.


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