Day 725 ESGAR 2015

I was a zombie on the metro out to La Défense on Tuesday morning, more so because I couldn’t find a good coffee and stupidly expected that there’d be coffee at the conference venue.  The morning sessions passed quickly and I wandered outside to find lunch.  I caught up with Janelle, a Western Australian trainee, and gave her my opinion on fellowship(s) in Canada.  Somehow I’m already the “he’s just been on fellowship, ask him” guy.

As with every radiology conference I’ve been to it was within the first few hours that somebody committed a crime against Latin – standard international medical nomenclature – and forgot that septa already denotes a plural and added an s.  I was so annoyed I reflexively Tweeted it.  After all, the internet is for cat videos and rants about trivial spelling errors.  Ur told me to “grow up” (i.e. build a bridge and get over it).  I’m still disappointed that for a conference registration, discounted for a fellow, of 400 Euros that too many presenters couldn’t even bother to spell check. It’s the ambivalence towards quality that grates me.

I did have a moment’s hesitation to publicly criticise, as my two years of using Dragon voice dictation has resulted in daily ghastly proof-reading misses where I fail to see a correctly spelled but utterly nonsensical or worse, opposite, word that was typed instead of what I’d dictated.  I hadn’t grumbled about the translation errors galore, because I’ve already added an s to Marseille this week, having no idea how to spell in French. It made me wonder whether it is trivial or important to care about spelling so much in radiology reports?  Almost every electronic request in Toronto has atrocious spelling errors, as if doctors are using SMS homonyms to write something that sounds about right; maybe they just don’t give a shit whether I care to spell things correctly in my report?  These are the things we debate in our house.

In the evening Dan & I walked around the area nearby, Dan had already spent the day walking miles around so wasn’t keen to walk far.  We ate Japanese and went back to the apartment to flake out on the couch.  Again, I was glad to see the soft pillow and not so soft but better than a floor bed.


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