Day 726 Cirque D’Hiver, Jazz and Liquor

Tuesday was a long day; I doubled up on a few sessions, running between rooms to catch bits of each.  I’d found coffee, finally, at McDonalds at the terminus.  I made time in the afternoon to get back to the apartment to have  a nap before the conference evening event at Cirque d’Hiver.

We got to the event bang on time, and made sure we ate quickly.  This was a good approach; soon we were bumping into colleagues from all over the world and polite conversation means less attention on wandering to find food.  I discovered that you could request orange juice added to the champagne, which is also called a mimosa in France.  I met a radiologist from Hobart, completely failing to recognise his Aussie accent (two years in Canada has dumbed my ears; I thought he was English).  Tonya and Narelle from Perth were there, and we sat next to them for the performance.  After the event Korosh motivated the remaining JDMI attendees to find a nearby jazz bar, where we were subjected to the awful ramblings of late night JAZZ.  Thankfully by then I was pleasantly drunk and quite enjoyed it.  For a whole 5 minutes. I really don’t like jazz.



2 thoughts on “Day 726 Cirque D’Hiver, Jazz and Liquor

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  1. Jazz seems to be a big thing with the French. Many years ago I had a French friend who tried to initiate me into the mysteries of “progressive” jazz; but all I heard was rambling squawks and tinkles . . .


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