Day 733 Goodbyes

Today was a full day.  I woke at 05:30, an improvement from 04:00 yesterday.  I ran 3.0 km on the treadmill again, but took a break from weights today.  Before cycling to work I replied to a few work emails.  MR was busy again today, typical constant interruptions all morning grinding reporting speed to 1 case per 2 hours.  We had a lunch meeting presentation by an expert pathologist.  On the way across University Avenue I saw one of the 4 food vans selling roti and couldn’t resist trying one, using my last $10 in my wallet.  It was delicious.

After work Dhivya had organised the Abdo fellows to meet for pizza and, in what was not a surprise but was meant to be, presented Paul and I with individually printed books with photos from the past year and a personal message from each of the other fellows.  Two weeks ago when Dhivya had SMS messaged, “Could you email me a short note to write in a card for Paul?” I had guessed she was up to something.  It was very touching, and I cursed myself for having once again managed to become attached to another group of fellows. This time last year as I grieved the loss of my colleagues, as everybody but me moved home, I decided I wouldn’t get too close to this year’s group because I didn’t want to face saying, “Goodbye” all over again.  I failed.

When he left work today, Sangeet realised that it was our last day of working together and so began the inevitable Goodbyes.  I’ve really enjoyed working with him and it was sad to have to farewell, even though we’re still going to be writing up a research project for the next several months via email.  I am not looking forward to next week.

In the evening I caught up with Louis, for dinner. We chatted. I drank a cup of tea.  His vine has grown some more and the orchid is littered with flowers.


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