I cried today.  I was cooking lunch while Daniel furiously finished packing our belongings into cardboard boxes.  Since yesterday’s SCOTUS announcement and Facebook’s Celebrate Pride profile picture filter my Facebook feed has become a rainbow.  And the thing that made me cry was the unexpected display of celebration from so many heterosexual friends, male and female, and even my Dad!

A reflection of what Pride is like in Toronto, anybody can join the celebration and turn their profile image into a rainbow and so far nearly 200 of my Facebook friends have.  Celebrating any community minority by everybody who is not that minority affirms acceptance and value for that minority.  When people say they don’t want to join in a Pride event because they might get mistakenly identified as gay that shows me they believe that that would be an insult to them.  That being mistaken for who I am is an insult to them.  Seeing so many of my non-LGBT friends and family on Facebook confidently change their public Facebook profiles to rainbows was completely unexpected.


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