Day 412 Churchill, Manitoba

Bel Fort

This morning’s tour was a last minute booking while we ate our carb-loaded breakfast. A boat ride across the estuary

Waiting Room Gossip

The foyer of Tundra Inn has comfy leather couches. I was half-napping but now the room is full of other tourists – retirement age Brits. Since other people began to filter in the same story has been told and retold: there was a polar bear right out that window at 4:30 this morning. Each recipient adds a new perspective: “Did you say 4:30? I thought I heard a bang!” Our hotel is across the road, our room 30 metres away. I heard nothing; I was asleep.

Tundra Buggy

If you see a white rock in the distance and it lifts its head: half the time it’s a bear.

Southward tree branches.

Sandhill crane

Bunny Huggers

Driving the Tundra Buggy


Polar Bear Adult Male

Polar Bear Female and Cub of Year

Arctic Hare

Now this isn’t a joke


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