Day 747 Canada Day New Brunswick

It’s our third Canada Day.  The first seems like last week; we had just arrived in the country and eagerly caught the subway up to Mel Lasmtan Square to watch the public fireworks only to realise how spoiled Australians are with public fireworks displays by comparison.  We moved out of our apartment last night; Dan has packed everything up and our mattress had been picked up for disposal.  After 2 years the foam had formed deep Daniel and Glen shaped craters.  It’s gone now.

2015-07-01 07.20.29-1

We ate dinner with Bec & Al last night, who have kindly taken us in for the next few days while our furniture is removed piecemeal by a new fellow and her partner and we make one last mad dash Full Blown Holiday Mini Break (almost the) Weekend.  It’s my fault.  I’d suggested we use the three days I have off this week, after my last day of fellowship yesterday, to fly to New Brunswick, drive from Moncton to somewhere else and kayak on the tides in the Bay of Fundy.

I just want to sleep.


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