Day 749 Joggins Nova Scotia

We stayed the night in Moncton.  Our plan this morning, before our return flight to Toronto at 16:30 this afternoon, was to wake up as early as possible – the low tide was about 7 am.  We had about a 90 min drive South, across the border to Nova Scotia and down to Parrsboro, another town where you can walk on the muddy bed of the Bay of Fundy.  Gemstones is what you can find there.

Last night, at dinner, I actually liked our server; she appeared to be genuinely friendly and was not immediately dismissive, so I explained why two Aussies were in Moncton.  Her daughter has a cottage in Parrsboro, but she recommended we go via Joggins; they have a fossil museum.  We never made it to Parrsboro.  We had too much fun finding fossilised plants at Joggins, as the tide came in.

After our 30 minute walking tour with an extremely enthusiastic red-headed biologist guide Dan and I left the group and wandered up the coast toward where 2-hour tour group.  We wanted to see trees.  I’m not sure what we saw, but we found several fossils along the way and a  rockpool.  I tried not to accidentally touch anything as some things would crumble and erode if you knocked it.  Other rocks were more hardy, like a fossil we’d seen in the group.  The guide shouted, “Turn it over!” and shrieked with delight at the delicate leaf fossil details on the reverse.  As Dan and I clambered up the coast I pointed to random rocks (there were a lot) and yelled, “TURN IT OVER!”

The next most fun thing to do, mostly because it made Dan stop breathing immediately (trying to suppress a scream of frustration most likely) was to point excitedly at a plant growing in the shale and yell, “Look at this one! It’s almost lifelike! It’s STILL GREEN!” He fell for it every time.  I’m surprised a rock fall didn’t hit me in the head from the overhanging cliffs that we didn’t stand too close too.


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